Songs For Friends

by Daniel Johann

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i decided to write about what i know.


released October 23, 2012



all rights reserved


Daniel Johann

{||NEW YEAR||}
here is where all of my songs that i recorded years ago are kept.
they will be here until i release my first full length under this name.
love and light,
daniel johann

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Track Name: We Went to the River and I Felt Sad, Part One
We went to the river and I felt sad
With no apparent reason other than my head
Which felt as though I was bolted in a cabinet

Kept feeling as though I was about to cry
Though I was sure there was no reason why
Just everything was harder now

I looked up from the page and the only sound
Was the sound of police cars driving round
As it battled with the wind

And then the sirens stopped
I heard my name being loved/lost

I hope you know
I want you alone
Track Name: The First Time I Saw Snow In Europe We Drove Halfway Across the Country
The first time I saw snow in Europe
We drove half way across the country
There were no waves, there were no trees
Just my disbelief as we drove past

Everyone was like, I am really a
Better man to get, out of your head

The first time I saw the mountains, up in the Swiss Alps
I started to miss all of my friends
And in the sleek white snowfall, I was stopped
From questioning it all by the presence of the yellow sun.
Track Name: I Hope You Die
I hope you die slowly
I'll mourn your death
I'll never think about you
Until you've left

It keeps me out of trouble
To hate someone I don't know
I guess that I am fine with that
It's just the way it goes

I want your skin to give
To my best friends
I sometimes dream of you
Dead or distressed